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Every year we welcome our newest members and praise them with a fitting nickname. There are plenty new members to welcome this year! We welcome:

  • Bart Beké
  • Callewaert Stijn
  • Corvelyn Isabeau
  • Deconinck Stefaan
  • De Smet Matthias
  • Desnouck Koen
  • Gevaert Steve
  • Ghysens Dimitri
  • Hannes Bo (junior)
  • Hannes Tijl (junior)
  • Houtekier Sofie
  • Lemmens Thomas
  • Meere Olivier
  • Mijnendonckx Greet
  • Switzynck Leander (junior)
  • Vandenberghe Elke (junior)
  • Van De Kerkhove Enky
  • Van Muylen Jimmy

These members are baptized this year with a ‘red knights name’:

  • Greet Mijnendonck as ‘PooPooh’
  • Ria wouters as ‘d’Onze’
  • Franklin Switzynck as “Kubusje”.

Feel free to ask for the lovely stories that comes with those nicknames. Photo’s of the ceremony can be found here.

Beside the knighting, we chose Le Comte Balzac to be our Vice President, Le Chat to be our secreatry and Frankly Switzeldinges as Road Captain once again.


Dear Red Knights

Here we are, at the beginning of a new year: a day to wish you all the best for the coming year and to look back to last year. We remember 2018 as a beautiful year in which we welcomed a few new faces and reminiscence wonderful times with our old friends and on our bikes. We want to thank the initiators to organise such nice initiatives. We herewith want to encourage more members who are willing to organize events for our club in 2019.

The magnificent event in 2018 was the trip we organized in June for MPI ‘De Bevertjes’. We are proud to say that we have raised a €2000 for the children. We can now announce that the coming Gathering of the Knights in June will be for the same good cause, so we can help them to finish their ‘snoezelruimte’ for the kids.

We want to wish you and your family al the best for 2019, a fantastic year in good health and have save miles on the road. Thank you to check our website regularly this year.


the Board Red Knights Belgium 2


We are proud to announce that we have raised a €2000 for children of MPO ‘De Bevertjes’, thanks to your help and presence on the Gathering of the Knights in June 2018. Almost 400 knights, bikers, family and friends helped us raise this money for the benefit of these little children. The school accepted the cheque with a big smile and they want to to thank each one of you.

So thank you all for helping us raising this amazing amount of money!

See you next year!



Dear brothers and sisters,

To our annual June tradition, we organized our motorcycle ride once again for the benefit of a good cause. Every year we choose a different goal, to which the full proceeds of the motorcycle meeting will go. This year we choose ‘De Bevertjes’, a school nearby our clubhouse, where toddlers and children with moderate to severe motor and/or mental retardation learn to learn. The school will use the budget for expanding their ‘snoezel’ room. ‘Snoezelen’ is a combination of cuddling, wellness and feathering. It is a process of discovery and stimulation, but also of relaxing, unwinding and enjoying. It stimulates different senses and increases the well-being of people with disabilities.

We enjoy every year again to welcome motorcycles and their drivers from all over Europe. This year we had the chance to meet our brothers and sisters from Belgium, England, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Germany and even a few members from Mexico! We welcomed almost 400 drivers during the weekend and over 180 people came for the barbecue on Saturday! What a succes! The weather was good as well was the food and everyone could use a drink after a long hot drive. Still, we can not say yet how much we raised but soon there will be an announcement. Please, look for it on our Facebook and website.

We want to thank everyone who came to the Gathering this year for your help, your hands and your money. But most of all: thank you for your smile and your positivity. We look forward to meet you all again next year.


Buba, Comte le Balzac, Chuck, le Chat, Groggy, Switzeldinges, Baking Nurse and all members of Red Knights Belgium 2


Hierbij melden wij het overlijden van Rosalie Geenen. Rosalie is de mama van Walther Hannes, de oma van Gert Hannes en Greet. Ze is ook de overgrootmoeder van onze junior members Bo en Tijl. Condoleanties kunnen gericht worden naar of aan de familie.



Every year we have a habit to knight our newest members and praise them with a fitting nickname. There are no new members to welcome this year, but some existing members were yet to honor. We welcome in our midst:

  • Johan Luyts as ‘Nightwatch’
  • Dirk Van den Steen as ‘Havana’
  • Peter Willekens as ‘Peter pan’
  • Astrid Fauché as ‘Escargot’
  • John Provyn as ‘Iso be good’
  • Laurien De Jaegher as ‘Baking nurse’

Feel free to ask for the lovely stories that comes with those nicknames. Photo’s of the ceremony can be found here.

Beside the knighting, we chose Chuck to be our Treasurer, Buba to be our President and Groggy to be our Quartermaster once again. A new sprout this year: Baking Nurse will take over the role of webmaster. We thank Shrek for his amazing job in the past years.


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We wish you all a weekly ride, more time together and beautiful new accessories. After all, we know you love your bike like we do! Have gorgeous travelings, have a safe stay on the roads in 2018 and see you soon at one of our events!

kerstwensen 2017

EUCON 2018

This year, the international convention of the Red Knights will take place in the magical Cork, Ireland. All will take place from 7th till 9th of September 2018. All Red Knights are welcome. Registration and questions, please contact our host RK Ireland 1 via their website.


With deep grief we announce you the loss of one of our members’ beloved wife, Ann Van Neste. Only 51 years old, she was ripped away from this life. She was loved by all of us, in particular Red Knights Johan Van den Steen (BBQ) as her husband, Dirk Van den Steen as her brother in law and Julie Van den Steen (Julietje) as her niece.

Schermafbeelding 2017-12-15 om 11.20.28

“Those we love don’t go away…

They walk beside us every day…

Unseen unheard, but always here…

Still loved, still missed, still very dear…”

 We’ll meet again, Ann. One day sure…